Google AMP technology for Drupal websites: fast loading of website pages from a cell phone



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Google AMP technology for Drupal websites: fast loading of website pages from a cell phone

More than 60% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. The conditional smartphone user expects the page to load in less than three seconds, otherwise he will just close the tab and go to your competitors.

In this article we will tell you about a Google technology that solves two problems at once: it enhances the loading speed of mobile pages and promotes such pages in search.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is Google's mobile acceleration technology. It allows the site's pages to be displayed on mobile devices at maximum speed.

A slow loading has a negative impact on the user experience. And Google is just interested in making sure that users feel comfortable in the search engine, even with a slow Internet connection.

In brief, the technology works as follows: the support team/developer/owner of the site prepares the necessary pages according to AMP requirements, and Google formats each of them into a light version, saves it in its own cache and gives it to the user.

Our developer wrote instructions for setting up AMP on Drupal, in the article at the link you can see a step by step implementation of this technology.

Why connect AMP?

Google takes page load speed into account when ranking sites in search. Do you want your site to be at the top of the search results? Rhetorical question.

A case study from our practice

If you google "stout stw 0002 50 l" from your phone, the first page after the advertising block will be the page of our customers – . This page will open instantly thanks to AMP-optimization.

Loading is very fast. All elements on the page are already "warmed up" and are loaded instantly.

Google loads the page from its cache → it opens instantly even with slow internet → the person gets the information quickly → Google is pleased and raises the page in the search results.

Which sites need AMP connected?

This technology will benefit any site, especially online stores, manufacturers and dealers with a wide range of products, media sites, etc. How long does it take to implement AMP?

From 35 hours, based on the experience of past projects. Depends on the complexity of the site and the number of pages on it.

If you are interested in AMP technology and want to optimize your website for mobile devices, contact us. Initlab managers will answer any questions you may have.